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Here are the main trading systems people use nowadays:

  • Most popular among beginner traders
  • Based on 2-4 indicators (Moving Average, RSI, SAR, Stochastics, etc.)
  • Time Frames: 4H to 1W (1D being the most common)
  • Most popular among advanced traders
  • Also based on 2-4 indicators like in Trend Trading
  • Time Frames: 1M to 15M (5M being the most common)
  • Very profitable with a proper strategy
  • Doesn’t use typical indicators except for FFCal (“Forex Factory Calendar” Indicator)
  • Doesn’t use Time Frames either
  • For example big weekend gaps, reversals after important news or big candles, etc.
  • Those are very rare “opportunities” (once a week or once a month) and still the outcome is not sure and the probability of winning is around 60-70% (which is good, but trades are very rare).
  • No Indicators and no Time Frames are used.
  • It’s a very rare way of trading used only by very few traders.
  • Generally a losing strategy due to doubling the stake each time it loses
  • After losing usually 5-7 times in a row (which happens very often) the whole capital is wiped out.
  • Very profitable, but disallowed by most brokers.
  • However, big banks and brokerage houses use it themselves to make profits by comparing prices from different sources, they just don’t want the “small guys” win like them.
  • And some other systems that in general are similar to one of the above or combinations thereof.

Among others the main reason most traders lose no matter which system they use is the following:

The price movements are in fact unpredictable both short and long term.

The chances of winning when you buy or sell are less than 50% (since you pay the spread or commission each time).

This is a mathematical fact and no matter what you were told by various Forex gurus, what you think or what kind of experience you have, you cannot change this ratio no matter how many years you trade, how many indicators you use, or how smart you are.

50% or less! That’s a mathematical probability of a trade to be closed with a profit.

It’s similar to flipping a coin, but here your chances are 50/50, no less, no more.

No matter how hard you try the statistical chances are always 50/50.

In Forex it was less than 50/50, remember?

I don’t say Forex trading is same as flipping a coin or your chances to win are less or equal 50%, quite opposite.

You have no influence to increase your chances when you flip a coin, but when you trade Forex you can increase your chances of winning to 70-80% or even more using a good system or EA, educating yourself, etc.

Statistical chances are 50% but your real chances can be and should be much higher!

But let’s say 75% is an ideal winning ratio to become a successful trader.

Go to the “METHOD” page to find out how our NEWS TRADER works exactly.

It’s simple, but very powerful and you can check results when you login to an account or see MYFXBOOK results.


  • DREW

    My trading career was like from zero to hero because I use the robot. It is really a worth investment and I will buy more license soon.

          • admin

            Hi, Our EA can works well in all platforms.
            Our EA works on both MT4 and MT5 platforms. It works with most brokers and we don’t have many problems in making money or getting withdrawals with it.

  • AMIT

    I thought you guys are scam first, but you prove me wrong. The robot is so good, it really keep my money save. I will tell my friend to buy your robot.

  • Max Newman

    My capital is totally safe with the EA, just like how you promised me. Thank God I bought 5 licenses at once, I can gain profit really fast. Thank you!

  • Marcus

    That is a great system you have there. Can it work with other brokers? I have one account in IC markets, can the robot still works?

  • Bryan

    can I buy 2 more licenses? I bought 1 as Matt suggested to try the robot and it works! I want to gain more profit, so I am thinking of having more accounts in the robot. Could you reply my e-mail please? Thanks

  • Maurice

    Hello, I want to send your profit share, can you give me the payment details? I had e-mailed you but your team did not reply me. Since the robot can trade very well on my account, I would like buy the robot. I will buy 3 licenses for the start and I will buy more if I already had enough money to deposit.

  • Dylan

    Hello, I want to buy your EA. Please give me more information. I also want to ask, is it correct that 1 license can be only used for 1 account? If yes, I would like to buy 4 licenses. Waiting for your reply soon, thanks.

  • Nelson Makufa

    Interesting, so hw can i get started in kind of business? But i need to hear more in operation of this business,how funds are raised and profits as well.Thank u.

    • admin

      Hi Nadeem, you’re welcome. We are glad to hear that. BTW, we have sent the information about our robot to your email. Please check your inbox.

  • Bob

    Thank you for helping me set up the robot. I am so excited for Monday to open another trade, because the robot had gained me so much profit yesterday. Great job.

  • Ridley

    This robot really perform very well during news, good one! I am going to open more accounts, how much does it cost to open 3 more accounts?

  • Warren

    Wow, the EA keep making profit for me even when there is no news. I must admit that this is a really nice system because my capital is really safe and I got a good steady profit. Thanks Matt!

  • Johanna

    I thought I am going to lose my money, but you actually make profit on my account. Moreover, the profit is so big!! I am so relieved and happy now, thanks!

    • admin

      Hi Johanna, we have told you that we would make profit on your account, you do not need to worry at all because our robot is the best trading robot. Thank you for using our service.

  • Nico

    Hello Matt! I know you have such a good robot, my hunch never lies to me. It makes such a great profit and my balance goes from $1,150 to $5,884 in a month! Thank you brother.

  • Kate

    Thank you for helping me with the installation, it really does work and make profits for me. I shouldn’t have doubt you from the first time. Thank you once again.

  • Dhuong Thrang

    I have received the robot and installed it on my PC. It really was easy and now it works very well. The profit is stable and I loved the way the robot trades. Thank you.

  • Sean

    Finally I found the news robot seller that is not a scam. It really makes profit on my account and really safe. The risk management really works well. Thank you brother!


    Hi there, thank you for sending the robot. It turned out that one account traded well. So, I am planning on adding more account to it so I can make a bigger profit, right? I have sent you an e-mail regarding this matter. Please chceck it.

    • admin

      Hello, we are so glad to hear that the robot has been received. We will reply to your e-mail soon and give the details through e-mail. Please kindly check your inbox. Thanks.

  • Germaine

    Hello, I had traded using the robot and the result is awesome. As you said, Matt, 1 license is not enough, I will take the other 4 now. Please reply my e-mail soon.

    • admin

      Hi Germaine, thank you for using our EA. We have sent the information about license to your email. Please check your inbox. Thank you!

  • Kumar

    Hi Green, the news robot trade really good. My acount make profit so good. My friend will contact you soon buy robot. Good job Green.

  • Bima

    $15,000 in just a few days? Your robot is insane! I only use 1 account and I got that much, I need to buy more licenses. Please reply me soon!

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